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Welcome Home

1472466073892577207969I arrive in Prague at 11 a.m on Saturday, having left Philadelphia at 5:45 the evening before. I can’t sleep on flights, so by  the time I arrive home an hour later, after about 18 hours in transit, I am shaky as a character in a Burroughs story. I think there’s a dragon following me too.
Even if I were one to sleep on flights, the circumstances were against me. I couldn’t get comfortable temperature or position-wise. There were three – count ’em, three – babies in my section, and they offered constant, shrill, vocal reminders of their unhappiness. In counterpoint, and in different tones. Nobody in my section didn’t despise babies for at least 12 hours after landing.
Normally I would retreat to the solace of light comedies, but the audio wasn’t working. I was lucky in that the seat next to me was free, so I timed my chosen program on each computer and synced the soundtrack. By the time we were over the Atlantic, my proficiency was such that I could get a new job. But there’s nothing that fully keeps out baby.
Add to all of this the beginning symptoms of a head and chest cold, and you’ve got yourself one uncomfortable and exhausted hombre.
Nevertheless, I am home.

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The Week of the Biblical Plague

EngorgedThe Beginning of Curses

I wonder if anyone really notices a plague on its first day. I am guessing that people might just say things like: “Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I saw a locust,” or “Jiminy, there sure is a lot of pestilence afoot today.”

On the first day of our biblical Plagues here in Prague, I say, “Geez, it’s been raining like crazy.” Still, I don’t think about the Bible or plagues. I think that I live in central Europe, which means bad restaurant service, legal prostitution, and rainy springs. And then I go back to my television show, which is about an apocalypse. I should see the premonition.

Rain and Hail

On the third day of almost literally unrelenting rain and a constant veil of darkness, I feel as though Prague is the setting for a horror or thriller movie of some sort. The dark skies are a perfect backdrop to a Hitchcock flick, and the continual rain is straight out of Se7en.

Still, in the back of my mind some little guy is standing on a hill asking the skies, “And what exactly is a cubit?”

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