Damien Galeone

Damien Galeone is a teacher and writer living in Prague, where he moved seven years ago in search of adventure and excitement but instead got into teaching English as a Second Language. He teaches university students who pretend to understand him, lives with a cat who’s plotting his murder, and around neighbors who force him into hard labor. His local pub has dedicated a table to him. He enjoys waffles, bird-watching and reading about World War II, almost never at the same time. He can’t smell anything. His first novel, Senseless, will be published in July 2011.

Homepage: http://www.damiengaleone.com

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Yu. Yuuu!

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The Good Guys vs the Bad Guys

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Summer with the Borgias

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What the…?

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Golden Gais (gais is pronounced guys, not gays. I think)

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Scaramucci’s Forgotten Additions to Classic Presidential Speeches

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The First Adventures of Don Quijote

J000000Thursday17 27, 2017 - 1:52 p07


J000000Monday17 24, 2017 - 9:28 am07

Things to do During a Conference Talk when you Wish you were Dead

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Spidey Sense

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