Happy Holidays

There seems to be an awful lot of discussion centered on Christmas and the holidays. I know it’s commercial, I know it’s all capitalist and imperialist, and Santa was invented by Coca Cola, and blah blah blah. But could I just suggest that you shut up and try to enjoy yourself.

Whatever you celebrate, enjoy yourself however and in whatever manner you’d like. If you come across my path, I will wish you a damn great day and I hope you do the same to me. I will be emulating our Pagan ancestors by enjoying a Christmas in the Saturnalia style. I’ll put on my ugliest sweater, take my mind off of work for a few days, and I will eat, drink, and be merry. If there happens to be an orgy nearby, well then what the hell?

There’s a lot of bad shit happening in the world right now, and there seem to be a lot of bad people out there too. The American president-elect is dumber, crazier, and less self-aware than a bag of dead squirrels. Other people are in nightmarish situations, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot we normal everyday people can do to help them. This is not lost on me and it’s not lost on you either. The feeling of global impotence just sucks. If you are like me, there are an awful lot of times when you feel helpless and upset.

But it’s OK to enjoy yourself, people. You are allowed to celebrate for what you have and with those you love. A long time ago, your ancestors threw a huge celebration in December, because this is a tough time of year. It’s dark and scary and if you didn’t live in a high-rise apartment building (which nobody did, you know, cause they didn’t exist), but rather lived in the woods, some punishing valley,  or the Steppe, then the fact that it was dark all the time and freezing brought real concerns.

Now, we just get depressed and current events don’t help. So what can we do?

Well, I guess for a few days we can try to be nice to each other. We can maybe forgive and forget. Smile at strangers a little bit more (but just to be clear – not in a creepy, leering way that will earn you a restraining order). Hold the door for people, drive more slowly, take your time, give a homeless guy a buck. Don’t get cranky at the crying baby on the tram or the plane (but please not on Delta Flight 2093. Cross your fingers).

I think it’s those little things that can make a difference to those around you. And you have no idea how far forward those seemingly tiny gestures get paid. So be nice, be generous, have a nice day, and if you can’t, then just shut up. I say that with love, of course.

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